Assimilation, complete

My bride and I have been together for a pretty long time now (this summer will be our twelth wedding anniversary). It's pretty common that we will be able to hold whole conversations without ever finishing a sentence.

'Hey, did you see...?'
'Yeah, what was he...?'
'I've no idea, but I bet...'
'You know it!'

Today, my bride and I were both searching for the garage door opener. But neither of us could actually articulate the words 'garage door opener'. We never actually managed to say what we were looking for.

Me: Have you seen the...?
Bride: I thought you had...
Me: No, I haven't seen it since...
Bride: Hey, Ella, have you...?
Critter: I'll get it! It's in my...
Me: When did you put it...?
Critter: I got it before to put my bike away - here you go Dadddy.

And sure enough, she had the garage door opener in her jacket pocket.

Today, we realized, the Critter has now completely joined the hive mind.