Planning a party

Last night, the Critter was helping me plan a party for my upcoming birthday.

Me: What should we do for my birthday?
Critter: You should have a bouncy castle!
Me: Hmm. I was thinking more along the lines of going to a good restaurant.
Critter: With a bouncy castle!
Me: What about a cake?
Critter: Yeah. And a bouncy castle!
Me: Are you going to get me a present?
Critter: No. Mommy's going to get you a bouncy castle!
Me: I'm sensing a pattern. Don't you think I'm a little big to jump on a bouncy castle?
Critter: Yeah. You're too big. I'll jump on it. You can watch me.
Me: Sounds like a good birthday party to me. Where would I be without you?
Critter: Yeah! Bouncy castle!