Grinnin' and a-pickin'

Everyone knows that a house simply cannot have too much banjo music. It wasn't so much that I was inspired by the bluegrass-themed birthday bbq we threw for the Critter. I had been pestering my bride for years about my desire to play the banjo. Hell, ever since I saw Kermit the Frog singing in a swamp, I knew that was the instrument for me. My brother took banjo lessons right through his high school years (he wasn't so much 'popular' as 'unique'), and my great-grandfather was your the Appalachian man, log-cabin-living, watching-out-for-the-revenuers banjo making stereotype. If there was ever an instrument in my blood, this is it.

Seriously. I bought a banjo. And I am inflicting my practice on my family for hours at a time. But better this than an accordian, know what I mean?