British Bluegrass Barbeque

This past weekend, we bought about 4 pigs worth of meat, lit the fire and hired a band. Several months ago, on a shopping trip into Liverpool's bootleg heaven we had run across a bluegrass band made up of Liverpool natives. Good music, surreal, and banjos, all rolled up in one package. I struck up a conversation with them at the time, and we decided they'd play the Critter's third birthday party. Screw Thomas the Train party themes. Can you say 'over done'? I guarantee that the Grady offspring is the only little girl in her school to have a Deliverance themed party. Heck, we did throw in the largest bouncy castle in northwest England for the kiddies. What more could you want?

The weather was extremely un-English, sunny and topping out at around 85 degrees. And with a menu of bbq ribs, fried chicken, low country boil, corn on the cob, grits casserole, turnip greens, tomato cobbler, cornbread, watermelon & peach cobbler, we managed to indoctrinate 50 or so Brits into the way life is meant to be lived. The only thing that could have made it feel more like a down South reunion was if I discovered that I was second or third cousins with 75% of the people at the party, including my bride.


For pics of the whole event, click here.