This is pretty much why I grew up

When we went to Northern Ireland, one of the places we stopped along the way was the Silent Valley, the Irish equivalent to one of the TVA dams of my Appalachian youth. See, what created this body of water was a 250 foot high earthen dam, which I didn't manage to snap a picture of (It's basically a really big grassy hill on one side, and a lot of water on the other). However, our neighbors who accompanied us on the trip did manage to film me rolling down the front of the dam. Not once, but twice. It was 600 feet of 40 degree grassy slope. Of the 4 adults and 3 children there, I don't know how I was the only one to succumb to the temptation. I managed a top speed of 45 miles an hour and suffered 17 fractured ribs, but it was all worth it.

Ok, I may have exaggerated, but it was really fast, and really painful. And yeah, I'd definitely do it again.