One year in the damp

This week marks one year since I moved to Scouser land.

Top 10 things I miss about the U.S.:
1. Tivo
2. Decent pizza
3. Cheap electronics
4. Sushi
5. Speaking the same language as the girl at the checkout counter. Never mind. I don't speak Spanish.
6. Gasoline under $8 a gallon
7. Tivo
8. Nacho cheese Doritos
9. Tivo
10. Family & friends

Top 10 things I like about living in England:
1. 15 minute commutes
2. I can have a freaking horse in my backyard
3. Good fish & chips & Indian takeaway. Not at the same time though. That's just gross.
4. Speaking the same language as the girl behind the counter. 'Scouse' is understandable one word in eight.
5. Country lanes
6. Lunch at the pub
7. Easy travel to other countries
8. My tweed flat cap
9. Castles are cool
10. New friendships