15 days on the same shoes!

A couple of people have asked how Buzz is doing after all his ordeals. I'm pleased to say that his various feet problems seem to have been sorted out. He's managed to keep the same set (a much less complicated - i.e. cheaper - type of shoe) for over two weeks now, and generally seems much happier. He's still a twitchy mass of horse-flesh - the term in the industry is 'high-strung'. He's managed to buck me off once so far when a horsefly got to him - but generally, he's a sweet-tempered sort.

Here are some pictures of us riding him in the arena. Even the Critter got to have a go. You should be incredibly impressed by my posture, by the way. This is the only time I routinely sit up straight (my posture drives my mother absolutely mad - which I've tried to tell her isn't the reason I slouch, it's only a happy consequence.)