I miss baggy pants

Last night, after watching our weekly dose of 'Desperate Housewives' (in the UK, we're a few episodes behind the States, but it's become one of our few 'must watch' shows), we were idly flipping through the channels, thinking about putting the Critter to bed.

I've no idea what channel we were on (I've yet to master UK television - if it wasn't for the pseudo-TiVo we have, I'd never manage to catch anything I actually wanted to watch. I always seem to end up watching Avago Balls for at least 5 out of every 30 minutes of channel surfing.), but we got sucked into some nostalgia dance video from the late 80's. Oh wait. It's not a video. It's Too Legit: The MC Hammer Story. And just as we realized this, a group of heavily armed criminals broke into our house and forced us, at gun-point, to watch the remaining hour and a half of the movie. Every time "It's Hammer Time" came on, the Critter would get up and dance around the room like a frantic raccoon, which a) gave the two adults in the room the giggles and b) we knew would wear her out enough to go to bed without much protest. And getting an evening's peace and quiet is worth the investment in her future therapy bills. When the movie was over the masked thugs put away their guns and left our house, handing us the remote and letting us control our own TV watching destiny once more. Yeah, we felt dirty for having watched the VH1 attempt at a serious documentary, but it's not like we had any choice, right?

Tomorrow night we're hoping to catch 'Wilson Phillips: the Reunion' and 'Tone Loc: the E! True Hollywood Story' and round off our visit to 1990.