Novel writing over (for now)

It's November 30th, and we've finished our November National Novel Writing Month challenge. And the score is: 1 loser, 1 winner.

Giuia: 50,195 words *WINNER*
Ken: 30,313 words *loser*

That's right. I lost. I bow before the prolific magnificence that is my bride, who rightfully basks in the glory of her achievement. I could offer excuses of how my work schedule has left me depleted and unable to complete my daily writing allotment. How I've been travelling for three out of the four weeks this month. I could say those things, but I won't. Because the Queen has told me I'm not allowed to. Then she stuck her tongue out at me.


If you want to read the completed (or incomplete) work, well... you probably can't. The objective here was to write quickly, not necessarily to write well. And besides, we may have named a character after you, and we wouldn't want you to get a big head, now would we?