Prepping for All Hallow's Eve

The Critter has been telling us for a month or more that she wants to be a princess for Halloween.

Me: Don't you want to be Jessie from Toy Story?
Critter: No. I want to be a princess.
Me: A fairy princess? With wings?
Critter: No. Just a princess.
Me: What about Mommy? What should she be?
Critter: A Queen. Because she's grown-up.
Me: That makes sense. What about me? What should I be?
Critter: A cow.

Ha! I'll show her. I'm dressing up as "tired Dad with beer in hand". See if anyone at the party gets that one. I bet the other dads do.

Last weekend we spent several hours making her princess dress. Well, my bride made the dress. I made the hat. One of those tall pointy ones that has a scarf on the end. You never knew I was so handy with a glue gun, did you? The critter was thrilled with both. Why did we go through the trouble of actually making the dress and hat by hand when there are five Disney stores within driving distance, each of which sells every princess costume that's ever been worn in animation? Hmm. Good question. Probably the same reason that I bought four giant pumpkins which I have to carve tonight in preparation for this weekend. Because we enjoy the pain.

The day after we made the costumes, the Critter wakes us up in the morning by putting on her cowboy hat and informing us she doesn't want to be a princess anymore. She wants to be Woody from Toy Story.

Apparently she thinks our pain is funny.