Mayor vs. Mormons

This isn't exactly breaking news, given it happened over a week ago now, but I'm a Georgia native working in Liverpool. Cut me some slack for being a tad behind.

My direct experience with Utah has been limited to driving through it a few times trying to reach Something Good on the other side (e.g. Colorado or California). But I can't imagine this is the way to make yourself beloved of the Utah-nians.

The Mayor of Salt Lake City (a.k.a. "Mormon Central", "The Mormon rodina", "The Mormon Mothership", "Joseph Smith slept here") recently said in an interview that living in Utah was kind of like living under the Taliban.

Of course, I wonder how this guy got elected in the heart of Mormon-ville in the first place. Mayor Anderson supports gay marriage, opposes the war in Iraq, is lobbying to support the Kyoto treaty on climate control, thinks George Bush is really smelly, and insists city employees kiss the 'Marx=Love' ring he wears before speaking to him (at least, that's what the Utah GOP brochures say.)

You've just got to wonder if he's got a bet going with his buddies. How many ways can I offend my constituents and still hold office? Seriously, how the heck did a guy who would stand out as left-wing in Berkeley, California end up as mayor of the Conservative Religious Retreat?