Resolutions for 2005

1. Finish potty training the critter
2. Read the pile of unread books in my study before buying any more
3. Dance if I want to. Leave my friends behind.
4. Actually walk up the river behind the Coach House
5. Teach the critter the Electric Slide
6. Finally get all my cd's burned to the iPod
7. Get my very own kilt made
8. Learn all the words to any Phil Collins song that is not Su-Su-Sudio
9. Update the 'Groove more often
10. Enjoy


Hey - look. The 'Groove has a web cam. So now you can see what we see, 24 hours a day. Except a little more blurry. So it's kind of like what I see before I have my first Diet Coke of the morning. Aren't you thrilled? If it's dark outside, you may get a reflection of the action at 'Groove central.

Note to self: no more sex in the office with the lights on.