All Gradys in the UK

Giuia and Ella have joined me in the UK. Pictures to come soon. In the meantime, I'm just happy to have all the Gradys on one continent again.

Our (British) landlord threw a 4th of July BBQ, complete with American flag napkins, red white and blue treats, and lots of beer and grilled meat. There's one other American family (from Wisconsin) living at Catton Hall - but mostly it was an excuse to get together and hang out for the afternoon.

Still, there are always those reminders that you're living in a different land. Like when you order something off the menu that you recognize, but what you get isn't something you quite what you expected. For example, Giuia made a beautiful peach cobbler to bring to the BBQ - I proudly presented it to the hostess and said, to her question, "It's a peach cobbler!"

" thanks."

You could just tell she'd never heard of this strange 'cobbler' thing before. They make shoes, right?

And adding to my list of things it's hard to find in the UK:

  • laundry baskets

  • day bed

  • popcorn

  • corn meal
  • But they do make the good Cadbury's...