More adventures of Johnny Reb in Queen Elizabeth's court

I think I've commented before that coming to the UK from the US is like living in a Picasso painting. You think know what you're looking at, it's just a bit off.

So lately, we've moved beyond our hunt for good Mexican food into a quest for Chinese.

Most of the local Fish 'n' Chips places ("Chippies" in the local vernacular) sell either Indian or Chinese food - but I haven't been able to bring myself to try it. But our cravings for good Chinese cuisine got to the point where we ventured out to the couple of local restaurants and order take out.

The menu is almost what we think it should be...

Me: "... um, chicken fried rice & an order of potstickers."
Chinese Waiter Guy: "Pot what?"
Me: "Potstickers."
Chinese Waiter Guy: "I'm sorry?"
Me: "Pot. Stickers."
Chinese Waiter Guy: "What's that, guv'ner?"

Ok, he didn't really say 'guv'ner'. In fact, I haven't actually met anyone who says 'guv'ner'. Dickens was a liar.

Anyway, how the hell do you explain "potsticker"? I've seen Eat. Drink. Man. Woman. I know for a fact they have them in China. Chinese Waiter Guy was just screwing with the American. He's not fooling anybody.