But they still don't know what grits are

Never mind the fact that Bisquick is damn near a special order item in the UK, Giuia and I found what purports to be a "restaurant from the deep South" here in the UK.

About 20 minutes drive away, towards Chester is a gigantic outlet center, with everything including the UK version of Service Merchandise (Argos), your basic multi-mega-cineplex, and even a TGI Friday's. Plus this little gem: "Old Orleans" - a restaurant that we immediately went into to test their claim of authenticity.

It was surreal walking into a business in Cheshire, UK where the decor involved banjos as a major motif. OK, so it's Cajun style, and I'm not about to find biscuits and gravy a la Cracker Barrel, but hey, they do have gumbo on the menu. And, of all things, 'Swamp and Turf" featuring a ribeye and a healthy portion of Alligator. I settled for the jerk chicken, and the bride had the pork ribs, both of which were fair to middling.

But when I asked for iced tea, the waitress just looked confused.

We're not in (Ar)kansas any more, Toto.