When the little hand is on the "3"...

Fun thing you get to do when moving overseas #1,137 - Sell your car

The good news: posted my Xterra on Craig's list for a great price. Don't want to make a killing, just unload the thing. I immediately got 2 or 3 interested parties contacting me.

Guy #1 - 'Can I set up a time to come by and see it?'
Me - 'You bet - how about 3pm?'
Guy #1 - 'Sounds good.'

Guy #1's Wife - 'I'm here at your house to see your truck'
Me - 'That's great. Except neither I nor my truck are there to be seen. your husband and I said 3pm'
Guy #1's Wife - 'Yes, but I'm here now'
Me - 'Well, imagine there's a truck there, and tell me if you'd like to buy it. If so, please bring me a money order for $7,000 at 3pm. When I'm actually going to be there.'