Brits do Gameshows Good

The other night I was flipping through the channels at the hotel (can't move into the new house without a bed to sleep on. Or a couch to sit on. Or a pot to piss in. Well, ok, I have that, but not the other stuff.)

Anyway, I came across this great game show - Distraction. It was kind of like Jeopardy, in that there were contestants buzzing in to answer questions (but not question answers). Except the producers, in their genius, set up ways to distract the contestants from answering. In this case, every time they buzzed in, they were given a cattle-prod like shock of electricity. In round two, they just randomly shocked all contestants, even if they didn't buzz in.

When the last standing contestant won the grand prize (a new Mini Cooper), the other contestants were brought back for a sudden death. For each question our champion got wrong, the losers got to take spray paint to the car, sledge hammer the hood, and bash out the windows.

I make a lot of fun of British TV, but this was sheer inspired genius. I giggled until I cried. I'd like to see Alex Trebeck institute this...