How many face towels do you have?

Preparations for the move continue.

One of our tasks is to inventory our goods - it's all got to go into either a) storage or b) a big crate which will be shipped to the UK. So it has to be insured. Which means we have to write down what it is, how many there are, and what it's worth.

When was the last time you inventoried EVERYTHING YOU OWN?? Here's a snippet of how the conversation goes...

The Bride: Forks?
Me: 11.
B: 11. Ok. Spoons?
M: 5.
B: 5? Did you check the dishwasher?
M: Yep. 5.
B: How can we have 11 forks and 5 spoons? What the heck have you been doing with our spoons?
M: I eat with them. I put them in the dishwasher.
B: Then where the heck have they been disappearing to?
M: I dunno... spoon gnomes?
B: Whatever... knives?
M: Um... 12.
B: ...sigh...