Parlez-vous two-year-old?

Tonight, after the semi-regular bath ritual for my 2 year old, we were getting her dressed in her favorite orange Halloween t-shirt. (Yes, Halloween was 2 weeks ago. But you have to pick your battles with a 2 year old. And no, I still haven't posted the picture of her in her costume. But she was the cutest one at the party. Take my word for it.)

She points at the t-shirt, and says 'Misdon buh dah fome.'

Now I've gotten pretty fluent in Ella-speak. She's actually quite the conversationalist. But this one was beyond me.

'What's that dear?'

'Mison buh dah fome.'

'Hmm. Still not getting it. What?'

My darling two year old literally sighed and said very slowly and more loudly 'Mis. Don. Buh. Dah. Fome.'

Suddenly, she has instinctively reached for "I'm speaking to a foreigner" to get her message across. Do I look French?

The part that really irritated me was that my bride immediately knew what she was saying: 'Miss Donna bought that for me."