Mmm... Bacon-y

Went to lunch today at the pub with the team (to celebrate hiring a new guy - not the point of the story, but there you have it). Guy sitting across from me ordered the 'gammon' and chips.

I figured this was one of the British things I wasn't familiar with. So I asked, 'Gammon? What's that?'

'Basically it's a bacon steak.'

Bacon steak. Holy crap.

That's bloody brilliant. Why on earth has this never caught on in the States? Can you imagine? Has there ever been something more designed to appeal to the masses of fried-cheese-eating, super-sized, deep-fried American males? It just sets my mouth watering simply by saying it out loud. "Bacon steak" The more I say it, the more I like it.

Bacon steak. Bacon steak. Bacon steak.

I'm writing my congressman. I demand bacon steaks.