Critter Vocabulary

Ella's vocabulary at 19 months:

"cheese" her favorite food - she also knows exactly where it is in the refrigerator
"Dis" 'this'
"Dat" 'that' - often confused with 'Dad'
"book" used in combination with the above, she can tell with surprising accuracy which books are Dad's and which Mom's
"dog" used a lot less now that Muta and Cleo are gone
"pooh" when pointing at the tv, short for Winnie the Pooh
"pooh" when pointing at her diaper, short for "I have a special something for you now"
"bum" also used when pointing at her diaper - short for "Can you please change my bum now?"
"coke" references any canned beverage. In Ella's mind, all of them belong to Daddy - no doubt due to the amount of Diet Coke I drink. (I've also managed to train her that all the remote controls are Daddy's, too. )

She doesn't say "yes" and "no" yet - but she has been shaking or nodding her head for months to indicate her agreement or (more often) lack thereof.

The next phrase we're working on is "Vote Bush."