'Die, GI Infidel!'

U.S. hostage appears to be toy

A photograph posted on an Islamist Web site appears to be that of an action figure and not a U.S. soldier being held hostage.

Liam Cusack, the marketing coordinator for Dragon Models USA, said the figure pictured on the Web site is believed to be "Special Ops Cody," a military action figure the company manufactured in late 2003. ... A U.S. military assault rifle was pointed at its head. It appears that "rifle" was part of the plastic weaponry that came with the action figure

'If you don't concede to our demands, we shall melt your GI Joe doll with a magnifying glass! We shall not let him go over to Barbie's Dream Ski Chalet! We shall put him in compromising positions with My Little Pony!

Yours truly,
Destro & Cobra Commander