Seven & Eight

Whoops - a little behind here. 

Week 7 of the 'Project 52' photo challenge was Light.  I wanted to steer clear of the typical candle in the darkness, or sunrise over the river kind of triteness. I was heading down Highway 3 in Massachusetts one day when a construction sign caught my eye. As much because of what wasn't lit, as what was.  

I pulled over on into the shoulder, kids and all, and started snapping pictures. I'm not 100% happy with the end result (that silly arrow in the bottom both blocks my view, and seems a little redundant given the GIANT FLASHING LIGHTS, don't you think?). I took this picture through my windsheild, and ended up over-processing it, to make it less flat but, well, whew... it's done. 

Week 8: "Laughter"

I had a couple of ideas (which I may still come back to) to put together for this one. But of all the pictures we've ever taken, this one says 'laughter' better than any other. 

This one, I'm happy with. 

This one will be shown one day at her wedding.  That's my little girl. 

6:52 - Jailhouse Rock


I started my morning at the Middlesex County jail.

I had to drive up further than I had planed, as I couldn't get this shot from the road.

I realized I had left my SD card at home, and only had my iPhone to take picture with.

The guard who came over as I was squatting in the driveway was remarkably reasonable.

"What exactly are you doing?"

"There's this project. And my assignment this week is 'song or movie title' - get it? "Jailhouse Rock!" Aren't I clever? Isn't that a great idea?! You may admire my genius now."



"Sir, you need to get in your car and leave now."